Tips to grow your photography business in 2017 and beyond

22 Jul , 2017 Blog

Tips to grow your photography business in 2017 and beyond

Success in photography business is not about the number of clients you have; it has to do more with the caliber of customers you have. If you take your business as a going concern and burn the oil to plan your marketing and manage your business as you should, you are on your way to becoming a successful photographer. Here are five most productive tips to grow your photography business in 2017 and beyond.

  1. Stay focused

When you handle your photography service as a business, it certainly will treat you as a business owner. Meaning, to reap a bountiful harvest from your efforts as a photographer, you need to commit all resources and time to make your business the number one in your market. Invest time in photography business education, know the latest tools in your trade and network with those that matter in the industry.

  1. Give it time to blossom

What differentiates a successful business from failure is the patience the owner invests in it. Like a small baby, you need to nurture your business to grow with hope and faith that one day it will pay you your dues in multiple folds. Keep the faith and believe it will be successful with time, while you do the needful.

  1. Treat your customers as king

You are in business for your clients, so you need to take that as the most important driver for all your business activities. To make your customer as the driver for your business activities is to plan for the customers. The product, the pricing, the mentality and everything in the venture should focus on delivering what the client’s want.

  1. Don’t let competitor be your compass

While it’s important to know your competitors, you don’t want to use them as a template for managing your business. To focus on your competitors is to be less unique and unless you are unique in every respect of the business, beating your competitors in their game will be difficult.

  1. Offer pleasant surprises

Imagine how a customer you just covered the wedding ceremony would feel if upon delivery of the job you gave them a link to the website you just created for the photos which were not part of your initial contract. People appreciate small things, even a portrait that you decided to give a handmade frame would be highly appreciated if given as a surprise to your customer. Think of ways to spring surprises and see how your customers would repay you with loyalty.

While we can go on with more tips on how to grow your business, it is important not to forget the role of your immediate family in the success of your business. No matter how demanding your photography job may be, do have some time allocated to family issues.

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